What Are The Benefits Of A Non-Surgical Nose Job Over A Traditional Rhinoplasty?


If you are looking to get work done on your nose, there are many options for the type of procedure you can choose. You want to look your best, but you’re not sure where to start. You could get complicated rhinoplasty surgery, but why would you want to spend the money and time when there are other less invasive alternatives? With a non-surgical nose job, you can have all the benefits of a complicated procedure without all the stress and added difficulties. To see how a non-surgical approach could benefit you, keep reading or visit Dr. Robert Cohen today to discuss treatment options. Dr. Cohen has years of experience helping people in the Los Angeles area achieve their maximum beauty potential. See what Dr. Robert Cohen can do for you and schedule your free consultation today! 

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Quick and Painless 

Want to fix your nose on your lunch break? Well, with a non-surgical nose job you can. Quick nose job procedures are becoming more popular because of their convenience and lack of pain. In as little as five minutes, a trained expert can make quick and painless corrections. Produce amazing results that have a lasting effect in no time!

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Less Recovery Time 

Rhinoplasty surgery can mean up to a month of recovery time wearing bandages. A complicated procedure also doesn’t ensure satisfaction and there may be scarring. A non-surgical nose job lets you correct issues with little to no recovery period. No more bulky bandages, unseemly scars, or noticeable redness. While there might be slight pain after the procedure, it is minimal compared to traditional surgery. 

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Easily Changed 

If you get surgery to improve your nose, there is no guarantee that the procedure will produce the results you want. This worry is eliminated with a non-surgical option. Don’t like the way your nose looks after the procedure? No problem. The process is easily corrected so it matches your desired look. The non-surgical nose job option has eliminated the need to go under the knife multiple times if a cosmetic nose procedure didn’t go quite as planned. 


Similar Results 

A surgical procedure doesn’t always mean better results. A non-surgical nose job can produce results that are equal to or better than a rhinoplasty. By simply injecting a filler in areas that need to be corrected, you can get the look you want in a few minutes. Filler can straighten a hooked nose or even out a nose that looks slightly out of place. Filler is a safe and noninvasive option for those looking to get fantastic results without the time and effort of traditional rhinoplasty. 

Now that you have seen the benefits of a non-surgical nose job, what are you waiting for? If you want to improve your look and your confidence, start with a simple procedure that doesn’t require any recovery or big commitments. Effective, easily changed, and virtually painless, a non-surgical nose job is a great option for those looking to correct their nose. If you want to get your nose done, it is better to trust it to the care of an experienced professional. You want the job done right the first time. Luckily, if you are in Los Angeles, Hollywood or the surrounding area, you have access to one of the most experienced doctors available for cosmetic procedures with Dr. Robert Cohen. Dr. Cohen has the knowledge and experience necessary to make your beauty dream come true. Schedule your free consultation today and let Dr. Cohen help you achieve your highest level of beauty. 

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