Sculptra Aesthetic is an advanced, clinically proven formulation designed to restore facial volume loss with robust, long lasting, and natural looking results. Sculptra dermal filler is known as a biologicfiller or a “bio filler” and is composed of poly-L-lactic acid, which is injected directly into the depleted areas of the dermis. Unlike other fillers,Sculptra will stimulate the body to produce collagen into the targeted areas directly, nourishing the deeper tissue areas.You can expect to achieve some volumizing and thicker and more elastic skin with a customized Sculptra Aesthetic treatment. Nasolabial folds, deep laugh lines, mid-face volume loss, and facial lipoatrophy and acne scarring can be most effectively corrected with Sculptra injections. It is also a proven non-surgical solution for jawline and cheek enhancement. Results with Sculptra dermal filler injections may last for two to three years or even more.

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