Non Surgical Nose Job

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-surgical rhinoplasty, popularly known as liquid rhinoplasty, involves a custom combination of dermal filler injections to enhance the shape of your nose and make it look more defined and proportionate. Dr. Cohen provides non-surgical rhinoplasty as a safe and effective alternative to plastic surgery for patients who are seeking subtle, natural looking nose reshaping without having to endure an invasive surgery, general anesthesia, and prolonged recovery.

How does Liquid Rhinoplasty Work?

Following a close evaluation of your nose and facial anatomy, we will create a customized injection plan involving FDA approved dermal fillers and possibly a neuromodulator such as Botox. The filler gel will be injected precisely into the targeted areas below the dermis to modify the nasal shape in the desired manner or straighten a crooked nose.

To create an upturned nasal tip, we may also inject the filler gel directly in the skin tissue in that area to add volume. Botox may sometimes be used as part of your liquid rhinoplasty procedure to smooth the visible bunny lines. Once the injection process is completed and the filler gel settles into the deeper tissue, Dr. Cohen will expertly massage the treated site to reshape your nose.

The entire procedure can be completed in about 20 minutes or less in a safe and comfortable office setting. The filler injections usually contain a local anesthetic lidocaine, so you will not experience any significant discomfort during the treatment. We like to call it a “20-minute nose job,” which involves no specific post-treatment downtime.

Aesthetic Benefits of Filler Rhinoplasty

We can safely address a variety of concerns related to a misshapen nose with filler rhinoplasty. These may include:

Creating a Raised Nose Bridge

If you wish to correct a low nasal bridge, we can do this by using dermal filler gel in precise volumes to build up the bridge. Patients of African American or Asian descent often request a non-surgical ethnic nose job to boost a lower nose bridge.

Correcting a Dip in the Nose Bridge

Non-surgical rhinoplasty works well to correct a conspicuous divot or dip in the nose bridge for many patients. If you are bothered by this aberration in your nose, we can add to your nasal structure with a custom combination of dermal fillers and smooth out the dip.

Reducing the Appearance of a Nose Bump

While a liquid nose job will not remove a nasal bump or hump, it is possible to add volume to the area surrounding the bump. This will create the effect of a smooth, straight nose, and enhance your nasal contour. Minor humps or bumps in the nose can be easily corrected with this technique.

Improving Nose Symmetry and Balance

Asymmetrical nose is a common concern for many patients. Dr. Cohen will assess the extent of asymmetry and other aesthetic irregularities and use the right facial fillers to volumize the target areas with precision. This will give the effect of a symmetric and balanced nasal structure.

Botox to Correct a Droopy Nose Tip

Sometimes Dr. Cohen may use Botox along with dermal fillers as part of your liquid rhinoplasty procedure. If the depressor muscle located under your nose is pulling the tip downwards, Dr. Cohen will inject Botox directly into this muscle to relax it and allow the tip to be restored to its natural position. The horizontal lines across the nose ridge, commonly known as bunny lines, may also be erased with Botox injections.


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