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This model-approved ‘super treatment’ is the best way to firm and tighten your butt without surgery or filler

The #Vambooty procedure uses HC-PRP to:

  • Reduce stretch marks, scars and discoloration.
  • Soften the appearance of cellulite
  • Significantly improve tone and texture
  • Stimulate new collagen to lift and tighten “saggy” skin.

What is it?

The #VamBooty procedure is an innovative natural cosmetic procedure using your body’s’ own healing ability to revitalize your butt. Whether you have stretch marks, scars, loose skin (laxity) or dimpling, this procedure will reduce the unsightly appearance and tighten the skin.


  • This ten minute, comfortable procedure uses a combination of micro needling & minimally invasive injections.
  • Concentrated & activated HC-PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is prepared while a strong topical numbing cream is applied to the desired area.
  • The process stimulates collagen formation for tighter skin and stimulates the color producing cells (melanocytes) to return color to light stretch marks.
  • Patients may experience a sensation like a mild sunburn, which resolves within twenty four hours. Also, minimal bleeding & bruising can be expected!
  • Stunning results are visible within two weeks & continue to improve for six weeks. Results may last up to a year with touch ups.


Depending on the severity of the initial condition, multiple treatments may be required for best results. Increased volume may be obtained with the use of minimally invasive fillers.

Lift. Tighten. Rejuvenate. Naturally.

The Vambooty procedure uses growth factors in your own blood called PRP to lift, tighten and rejuvenate the skin naturally. Learn more about the Vambooty treatment by watching the video below:

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