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PRP Hair Restoration

PRP For Hair Restoration

Hair loss can make you feel helpless when the topical medications fail to work and you don’t want to go through surgical hair transplantation. Dr. Cohen offers a transformational PRP injection treatment for hair restoration and hair growth that could be the perfect solution you are looking for. Thousands of men and women are now choosing PRP hair restoration therapy to reverse hair thinning and hair loss without having to undergo an invasive surgery.

PRP and Hair Growth: How are they Related?

Hair loss begins when the hair follicles, which act as the anchor between the hair and scalp, start becoming weak, causing the hair to fall out. Researchers have found that platelet rich plasma (PRP) contains powerful growth factors that restore the blood supply to the weak and shrunken hair follicles, enabling them to prevent hair fall. The health of the scalp and thickness of hair also begins to improve as the active PRP growth factors heal the injured or weakened hair follicles.

According to Harvard Health, blood platelets promote cellular regeneration and support tissue re-growth. The PRP contains a five times higher concentration of platelets compared to the normal blood. As these platelets are injected at precise depths in the targeted areas of your scalp, they trigger the natural repair process in the weak or damaged hair follicles. The PRP growth factors are known to stimulate the unique papilla cells in the scalp that are vital to hair growth.

PRP Hair Restoration Procedure

Dr. Cohen usually completes the entire PRP hair restoration procedure is about 30 minutes or less. He will begin by drawing a small blood sample from your arm, which is then run through a centrifuge at high speed to separate the PRP from the blood. The PRP is separated and collected using a sterile process. Thereafter, Dr. Cohen will inject the PRP into the affected sites of your scalp at precise depths.

The treatment session involves minimal to no discomfort. Following the treatment, you can simply resume your regular routine or go back to work the same day or the next day. For best results, Dr. Cohen may recommend three PRP injection treatment sessions spaced at one month intervals. Thereafter, depending on your needs, you may continue to have maintenance treatments twice a year.

Do PRP Injections Really Work for Hair Loss?

While the research into the hair restoration benefits of PRP therapy is continuing, the available clinical evidence increasingly points to the efficacy of PRP in reversing hair loss. Results will vary from one patient to another, but most patients report highly satisfactory hair re-growth following their PRP treatment program. Some forms of hair loss, such as androgenic alopecia, which is a common hair loss and hair thinning condition affecting both men and women, are treated most effectively with PRP therapy.

Research Study Published by NIH

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) published the results of a research study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of PRP injections as a hair loss treatment. The study included patients that had not responded to the standard topical medications, such as finasteride and minioxidil for hair restoration.

These patients were treated with PRP injections in the scalp four times over a two-week period. The results at three months showed a high patient satisfaction with significant improvement in hair growth between the first and fourth PRP treatments. The average hair re-growth was found to be 22 hair follicular units per square centimeter.

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