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The P-Shot

Many men are concerned about maintaining a penile erection or are simply dissatisfied with the natural shape, size, and curvature of their penis. Dr. Cohen provides an impressive and reliable non-surgical solution called The P-Shot, to address these issues effectively. The P-Shot makes use of platelet-rich plasma or PRP to release powerful growth factors in the targeted areas of your penile tissue to deliver sustainable physiological benefits for male sexual appearance and function. The P-Shot was invented by Charles Runels, M.D.

What is The P-Shot?

The P-Shot is the popular name for Priapus Shot, which is aptly named after Priapus, the mythological Greek god of masculine virility and regenerative power. The P-Shot is based on the natural power of PRP to treat male sexual aesthetic concerns as well as sexual performance problems, such as Peyronie’s Disease and erectile dysfunction (ED) for men. Additional indirect benefits of The P-Shot treatment often include restoration of male self-confidence and relief from stress related to sexual life.


Male Sexual Health, Function and Aesthetic Benefits

The P-Shot with Dr. Cohen is an advanced in-office treatment that can provide you a number of benefits related to male sexuality. These include:

  • Ability to achieve and maintain strong and firm penile erection
  • Increased sexual stamina and stronger sexual drive
  • Enhanced penile size (both length and girth)
  • Full resolution or improvement in penile curvature (resulting from Peyronie’s Disease)
  • Increased penile sensitivity
  • Relief from the pain associated with penile erection
  • Regulation of blood flow to the penile tissue
  • Improvement in the problem of premature ejaculation
  • Boosted general sexual performance and orgasmic pleasure
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How does The P-Shot Work?

The P-Shot is helping transform the lives of men who are struggling with sexual function and appearance issues. Dr. Cohen recommends this highly promising treatment because of autologous character – which means, it uses your own blood platelets to promote cellular regeneration in your penile tissue for safe yet dramatic outcomes.

When the PRP extracted from your own blood is injected via The P-Shot into the targeted sites of the penis, it will release potent growth factors and bioactive proteins to deliver excellent male sexual performance benefits. While the patient response may vary in each case, The P-Shot generally meets or exceeds patient expectations.

Researchers continue to study how PRP growth factors work to improve male sexual health and function. But what they know currently is that The P-Shot improves blood flow, triggers a natural tissue repair and regeneration response, establishes new neural reinforcement pathways, and also produces placebo effect. The synergistic effect of all these responses leads to enhanced male sexual function and performance for many men.

The P-Shot Results

The P-Shot results are long-lasting, though they are not permanent. A recommended series of three P-shot treatments may help some men achieve excellent erectile function and penile size benefits for up to 18 months. In order to achieve the best results, Dr. Cohen requires all P-Shot patients to obtain a “penile pump”. This pump, when used as directed, will help the PRP to spread throughout the target tissue greatly increasing the effectiveness of the treatment. The results with continue to improve over the first several weeks, and the peak benefits in terms of penile size, sexual urge, and erection quality may occur at about three to four months.

Dr. Cohen recommends his patients repeat their P-Shot injections at least once a year for the long-term revitalization of penile tissue and nerves. However, depending on your treatment response, maintenance appointments may have to be scheduled a little more frequently.

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