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Clitoxin enhancing sexual arousal and satisfaction in women

There’s a promising new research based treatment enhancing sexual arousal and satisfaction in women.

Dr. Charles Runels, the brilliant doctor who invented the OShot for women and the PShot for men, has once again made great strides improving Intimate wellness for all. The procedure is called “Clitoxin” and uses an FDA approved neurotoxin (See Xeomin, Botox or other similar neurotoxins), to enhance sexual pleasure in women. It has already been shown to work in men in a 2021 research paper. In women the effect is similar and may prove to be more effective.

Clitoxin For women

The Clitoxin procedure involves injecting a substance called botulinum neurotoxin (BoNT) directly into the clitoris to enhance sexual pleasure in women. Essentially, this toxin travels through nerve pathways from the clitoris to the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for arousal. Once there, it triggers responses like heightened sexual desire, lubrication, and easier orgasms. It also helps improve blood flow and nerve growth in the clitoris, making the effects even stronger.  When combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP);  the solution will stimulate nerve growth, blood vessel growth and collagen growth, resulting in a more robust and sensitive clitoris.

Although it might sound a bit complicated, the idea is pretty straightforward: by targeting specific nerves in the clitoris, Clitoxin aims to make sex more enjoyable for women. Preliminary research has demonstrated its effectiveness, with significant positive results in twelve out of thirteen women who had previously reported varying degrees of sexual dysfunction, from minimal to zero arousal.

Therefore, BoNT’s ability to increase parasympathetic tone and stimulate the hypothalamus might result in not only enhanced physical responses but also improved emotional and psychological aspects of sexual health.

 Overall, clitoxin represents a novel approach to treating female sexual dysfunction by directly targeting the physiological and neurological pathways involved in sexual arousal and satisfaction. This innovative use of BoNT could provide a much-needed therapeutic option for women experiencing sexual dysfunction, offering benefits that current treatments do not.

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